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    We offer a wide variety of services. We have many examples of our work on the Portfolio pages, but we're not limited to what's viewable on those pages. If you have a specific photographic need, please contact us for a consultation.

    We have a wide range of services to offer those in the field of performance or visual arts. For bands, for example, we do posed shots for promos, covers, posters, etc., as well as live performance shoots or studio shoots. In addition to the actual photo shoot, we can also provide all artwork/design for CDs, posters, promo packages, t-shirts, stickers, websites, press kits...you name it. We also can arrange for journalistic-style services (where we follow you around and take photos of everything you do - basically).

    The services offered to models and actors are very similar, just with different photographic goals. We can do onsite shoots, and studio shoots (or both), with multiple clothing/look changes. These are typically between 2-4 hours. We also create your composite sheets to represent you in whatever way you'd like to be represented, containing your name and contact information. We also do shoots for children entering pageants or other competitions.

    Weddings are highly varied, as well. Whether you want a traditional wedding service, journalistic-style, casual, black and white, fun, modern, artistic, or whatever you have always imagined, we're happy to accomodate you. We have many wedding packages that could meet your needs...all of which can be customized to fit your exact needs.

    Other services we offer are Commercial and Product photos, Real Estate photos, Animals, Art, Action, Events, Scenery, Portraits, Families, or anything else you need. We do draw a line on anything illegal or imoral.

    Visit our portfolio pages to see samples of our work, and our packages for some pricing and package ideas. We have specials from time to time, also. Please contact us for a consultation of how we might be of service to you. We look forward to working with you.

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